SkinMedica Essential Defense Mineral
Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 32 Tinted


SkinMedica Defense Mineral Shield Broad Spectrum SPF 32 – Tinted adds a universally flattering touch of color while keeping skin safe against harmful UVA and UVB rays. This physical sunscreen uses 5% titanium dioxide and 6% zinc oxide to provide superior protection. Caffeine and potent antioxidants help correct and prevent signs of aging. Free of common irritants, this lightweight cream is paraben-, fragrance- and oil-free and perfect for all skin types, including sensitive and post-procedure.

SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum


The under-eye area is prone to puffiness, irritation and dryness because the skin is very thin and delicate. SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum is a hydrating and nourishing product that helps create a more youthful and healthier appearance. The lightweight formula replenishes skin’s moisture to soften the look of fine lines and create a smooth texture. Hydrating ingredients also soothe skin to reduce the look of puffiness and under-eye bags. SkinMedica Uplifting Eye Serum contains brightening ingredients that fade the appearance of dark circles and create a more even tone. For an eye product that targets multiple concerns, choose this serum.